Molly Tyson Osborne - Office Manager

Molly Osborne has held a wide variety of positions ranging from graphic design and marketing, library science, to teaching: music, technology, preschool, yoga and karate, and is a notary public. She applies her previous experience to facilitate the workflow at Anne Penniman Associates. Molly's understanding of technology has made the running of both companies at 35 Pratt Street more streamlined and efficient.

Prior to her employment, Molly had first hand experience working with both George and Anne Penniman while building her home and garden during the turn of the millennium. She appreciates the importance of the client's point of view as well as the amount of professional planning that must go into a project to satisfy all involved. Just like her employers, she is willing to take on any task great or small with a bright and energetic outlook.

Molly Osborne
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