Award-winning landscape architecture firm Anne Penniman Associates LLC has been designing inventive and sustainable landscapes for residential and public clients since 1991. We provide landscape design and site planning services ranging from conceptual to detail design while embracing a team approach that engages a range of experts including architects, artisans, engineers and ecologists. This spirit of collaboration promotes synergy and innovation in the design process, resulting in unique and memorable landscape installations.

We believe in the healing power of landscape and strive to infuse each design with the harmonies of nature; our landscapes offer refuge and repose, recreation and gathering spaces. We draw our inspiration from multiple sources: the natural and historic context of each site, the local geology, indigenous plant communities, the elemental materials of a project (stone, metal and wood), art precedents and always from our clients. Incorporating sustainable and habitat-enhancing solutions into the design process, each project results in a landscape that is both functional and beautiful.