For 20 years, the two designer owners have investigated form, habitat and the productive landscape on this historic 2.5 acre property. The landscape was laid out and developed integrally with existing and new rustic stone walls. Post and rail fencing create a vernacular foreground for the property, and meadow plantings inside the fencing as well as native woody plantings at the perimeter provide habitat for pollinators and shelter and forage for birds. The meadow is defined by a mowed path and an allee of fruit trees; vegetable, herb and berry gardens punctuate the productive zone of the property with a garden shed axially located on the vegetable garden path.

The parking courtyard leads to a native fieldstone terrace at the screened porch / family entrance. This terrace gives way to a salvaged granite terrace and fire pit at the lawn and long perennial border. In a quiet corner of the house a Zen garden doubles as both sanctuary space and drainage collection element with steel edged swales leading from roof leaders to an infiltration area.

Magnificent sugar maple trees shade drifts of native understory trees, shrubs and herbaceous plantings throughout the property. A grove of river birch silhouettes against a dark hemlock backdrop. The owners collect and observe unusual plants to test hardiness and aesthetic appeal through the seasons.

Garden Laboratory