Two nature enthusiasts own this renovated 1970s house overlooking a salt marsh and the Amtrak line along the Connecticut shoreline. A second growth woodland dominated by invasives and a ridge of rubble fill left from the original construction challenged and informed the site design process. Invasive species were removed; important native trees were preserved, and a palette of native trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants were planted. A new Connecticut fieldstone wall retains the rubble ridge and features a sunny pollinator garden in the foreground of the salt marsh. The linear form of the wall evokes the train tracks cutting through the marsh.

The plantings provide habitat and forage; a native fieldstone meander path allows for access to the woodland garden. Massive glacial erratic boulder is highlighted with new plantings. Views from the house capture seasonal vignettes of woodland as well as distant vistas across the salt marsh with hourly trains passing through the landscape. Other improvements include passive drainage features and a vine clad steel trellis to screen utility areas.

Salt Marsh House
Residential 2