Working closely with the architect, builder, and engineer, the landscape of this new construction was designed in harmony with the building. Linear panels of plantings flow through the building directing the focus toward Ninegret Pond. Local granites and a largely native plant palette were used throughout the site. Approximately one third of the site is within the regulated coastal buffer and required a strict permitting process. Permitted site design elements included: paving stone selection and sizing, invasive species removal, buffer restoration, and a rain garden to hold all stormwater from the house.

While grading the site, an historic building foundation was discovered. Rather than removing it (and causing extensive disturbance within the regulated coastal buffer), the foundation was uncovered, revealed and integrated into the site design. The eroding concrete foundation merges with the open lawn and through the newly established coastal grassland. Thus, the layered history of the site weaves historic value into a contemporary site design.

Charlestown House
Residential 2