This century-old park in Hartford is both a tourist attraction (with its well-known rose garden) as well as a beloved neighborhood park. Collaborating with a private foundation, APA identified two park enhancement projects: the development of a new entrance gateway and the establishment of a memorial to Ethel Donaghue, a long-term benefactor of the park. The Donaghue Gateway establishes a welcoming entrance along Prospect Avenue, a clear signal to both pedestrians and vehicles.

The granite and steel arbors provide a substantial and historically appropriate access point to the park. Linking the gateway to the park interior, a new walkway leads to the Ethel Donaghue Memorial, a contemplative seating area with granite pavers and benches that replaced an awkward confluence of asphalt paths. Respecting the ecological, cultural and circulation systems of the park, these improvements specified several sustainable strategies including locally sourced stone, native plantings, rain gardens and a vegetated swale.

Elizabeth Park