Our Plan responds to both the needs of the community and the riparian ecology of the 1.9 acre site by seeking a sensitive balance between human use and environmental sustainability.

A circular, open lawn area creates a simple and clean geometry for this riverfront park. Groves of existing trees shall be preserved and protected; new trees shall augment the existing grove as necessary, thereby providing shade and a human scale to informal recreation and picnic areas. Surrounding the open lawn, a semi-circular concrete path provides a safe and accessible route to the river and connects to the proposed parking area and pedestrian crosswalk. A bike rack will encourage visitors to use alternate forms of transportation.

An elevated boardwalk along the shoreline will provide safe access to the historic brownstone blocks and to the spectacular views of the river. The boardwalk will also help control compaction and erosion along the riverbank and allow for natural drainage below. Short trails will provide river access to the mudflats located to the north and south. Areas of native riparian plantings will provide valuable habitat for birds and wildlife, control storm water runoff, and also help to educate the public about the importance and benefits of native plants

Cromwell Landing Park