In collaboration with two ecologists, APA prepared a Vegetation and Habitat Inventory, Mapping and Management Plan to meet the client’s interest in maintaining the ecological integrity and biodiversity of this Rhode Island Coastal Forest.

5 habitats including upland forests, wetland forests, wetland thickets, a coastal grassland and a tidal wetland complex were identified and described by their floristic composition, topographic and hydrologic position. Focus areas such as an indigenous fern glade, a population of rare native orchids, and a nectaring meadow were included in a seasonal management plan to enhance ecological resilience and habitat. Recommendations for modifying the existing path system in order to articulate and reveal the transition between distinct landscape types were also included.

This plan is part of a long-term land management strategy to reduce invasive populations and restore a native understory and woodland habitat, while providing access to an important cultural landscape. This property in combination with adjacent conserved parcels constitutes one of the largest continuous tracts of coastal forest in the region and provides vital breeding grounds and fall migration habitat for Neotropical migratory birds such as the red-eyed virio and ovenbird.

2015 CTASLA Merit Award

Coastal Forest Restoration
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