Perched on a peninsula between two salt ponds adjacent to the barrier dune of Block Island Sound, the Weekapaug Inn occupies a unique and sublime landscape. This exceptional location offers stunning views in all seasons but also exposes the vegetation to an unforgiving climate. Careful selection of plantings took into account not only harsh weather conditions of salt, wind and tidal surges but also the glacial till soils and large boulders of the terminal moraine.

Buffer plantings protect the ponds from stormwater runoff and erosion while providing forage and shelter for indigenous species. Ornamental plantings offer year-round landscape interest for Inn guests.

Sustainable materials and systems are a driving force throughout the site. Local stone, permeable paving, repurposed boulders discovered from site excavation, and infiltration swales are rendered in the vernacular of coastal Rhode Island.

Nature paths circulate through native vegetation, an amphitheater made from reclaimed site boulders, a pool and spa overlooking the salt pond, and recreational access to the water give guests the opportunity to connect with this magical landscape.

2014 CTASLA Honor Award

2013 Rhody Award for Historic Preservation

Architect | Arris Design

Architect | Schmitt Walker

Weekapaug Inn
Commercial | Institutional